Why contrast is so important

Why contrast is so important:

Contrast helps distinguish an object. It catches attention, which is extremely important nowadays when people look through web pages only briefly. A bright, well-done contrast can get visitors to pay attention not only to design but also to the message you want to deliver.

Colour contrast, in a nutshell, provides visual intrigue and keeps viewers interested. Consider for a moment how boring it would be if an entire poster was made out of one colour or only included shades from the same colour family. Although there are some instances when this does work from an artistic perspective, it’s not an approach that is likely to grab someone’s attention when they’re perusing store shelves, looking at movie posters or surfing the web. Therefore, it’s wise to use contrasting colours whenever appropriate.

Think about the classic Coca-Cola can. If the entire thing was red, it wouldn’t stand out nearly as much as it does. The white writing truly pops off of the red background, which grabs attention and is instantly recognizable. This contrast is visually stunning, and it stands out from its competitors.


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