We ❤️ supporting Local Small Businesses!

We ❤️ supporting Local Small Businesses!

With monetary donations our foodbank receives, we like to spend what we can on fresh fruit vegetables to go out alongside our normal long-life food parcels.

We know it’s super important to eat healthy food but fresh fruit and veg can be quite expensive and isn’t necessarily a priority when you’re on a tight budget.

On a completely different subject, we feel really passionately about supporting our fantastic, local small businesses as they need our custom to stay afloat during these tough times, and have families of their own to feed.

So, what better way to combine our two passions - we will now be getting our fruit and veg for the foodbank from Greets fruit and veg stall in Blaby!!!

The quality of their fresh produce is second to none! Especially those strawberries! 😍😍😍

I loved chatting with Vicky yesterday at the stall, what a lovely lady!

Thank you all again for you’re amazing donations, and thank you for helping us to help so many families and also support our local small businesses!



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