🌱☀️Summer Activities 🌱☀️

The summer holidays can feel a little daunting for some families, but read below for some fun activities to keep you busy!

Giant Canvas Painting:
Do you have an old sheet stack in your home? Drag one of them out and spread it out on the grass if you haven’t used it in a while. Gather your paints and encourage your children to channel their inner Van Gogh by painting all over the sheet.

Balloon Rockets:
A simple balloon, according to studies, may educate your children about scientific principles such as action and response, propulsion, pressure, and force. Balloon rockets are a fun example. Balloon rockets are simple to construct. Yarn, duct tape, a straw, and a balloon are all you’ll need. You can also use a straw and a rocket template to construct a small rocket that your kids can launch themselves.

Watch a Nature Cam:
Universities and conservatories worldwide have set up some wonderful nature cams, which may be a fun and instructive method for your children to learn about wildlife. They can provide a valuable learning tool that will help them develop a lifetime love of animals and the outdoors.

Garden Camping:
Setting up a tent in the back garden and sleeping outside with your child can bring a sense of adventure straight to your home! They could transform the tent into anything they choose, from a fort to a spacecraft.

Visit a Park:
Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors by hiking, birding, or participating in a scavenger hunt. There’s plenty more activities to keep the little ones busy, but here are a few to get you started!

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