Self care is so important 💖. How can you manage to look after everyone else if you aren’t feeling great yourself?

The period after you have a baby, the fourth trimester, is especially tough. Your body has been through so much and you have a new little being needing your constant attention. It’s hard to think about yourself and what you might need.

What we offer through placenta encapsulation 💊 is the ultimate in self care 💜. Your placenta is packed full of so many of nutrients and vitamins and we don’t really think about the fact that when the placenta is born, all that goodness is stripped from the body. To replace it all by consuming the placenta in capsules means you will be replacing lost iron, vitamin B6, vitamin E and oxytocin amongst many other hormones and vitamins.

Many women report feeling more energised, less tired with a strong milk supply, great hair and nails and with a complete lack of baby blues symptoms.

Get in touch today or DM us if you’d like to find out more about these amazing benefits 💖✨

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